Rentals are made to fit several sizes and we provide measurements of each gown in each size, please compare those to your child's to establish the fit.
Currently we ship to the contiguous United States including US Military Bases. At this time we do not currently ship to Alaska & Hawaii due to shipping time and price. We DO NOT ship to PO Boxes. WE DO NOT ship internationally.
We currently charge 3 different rates for shipping based on location of the person renting the dress. This is due to the rates we were being charged for shipping by our carriers which was causing us to lose money on each rental. The shipping rate covers both shipping the dress to you and shipping the dress back. The rates include: 1) $15 for 2 way shipping to 33 eastern American states including Washington D.C & Armed Forces bases, 2) $30 for central American states including Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota & Texas 3) $45 for western American states including Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington & Wyoming.
We currently accept all major credit cards with our payment processor which is 100% secure and encrypted. We also accept PayPal.
You may cancel your rental order at least seven (7) days prior to the ordered delivery date as long as your order has not already been packaged or shipped, subject to the following: (i) for cancellations that are thirty (30) or more days in advance of the delivery date, there is no cancellation fee; and (ii) for cancellations that are less than thirty (30) days in advance of such delivery date, your account will be credited with an amount equal to the Total Fee which can be applied to a future rental through us. Cancellations less than 7 days in advance of the reservation start date will not be issued a refund nor store credit.
You will receive an email with your tracking number when your dress ships. You will also receive an email after completing your rental order, displaying your payment success.
A lot of styles we offer for rent are also available for custom orders in our retail store. If you are interested in purchasing a discounted used rental, please make sure to join our Buy-Sell-Trade group on Facebook. This is the ONLY official please to purchase our used gowns.

1. Please do not attempt repairing the gowns if they are damaged 2. All gowns get thoroughly inspected between rental cycles and all possible signs of wear and tear or minor flaws get documented by our team. Please treat our dresses with the utmost care. Our products are meant to be used in limited capacity such as photo shoots, weddings, special events, etc.. You are responsible for any loss, destruction, or damage to the Products, beyond reasonable wear and tear, regardless of the cause or reason for said damage. Reasonable wear and tear encompasses very minor stains, minor missing beads, stuck zippers or other minor damage. The determination of whether any damage to the Products qualifies as reasonable wear and tear will be made by us in our sole discretion. If you return a Product that is damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, you agree that we shall charge you, and you shall pay, for the price for repairing or replacing the Product, as determined in our discretion, up to 200% of the retail value or market value for the dress.
With delivery of the Product, ATC will provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return shipping label as well as instructions for your use in returning the products to ATC (“Return Packaging”).
Don't worry we are here to help. Immediately reach out to us at annatriant.rentals@gmail.com. We have the return labels on file and will email you a new one immediately. If you lose the box, you will need to purchase a new box of the same or similar size to return your rental by the date it is due back.
Due to consumers using all sorts of different mediums to visit our site, products may appear different in color or style than as displayed on the Site or other electronic mediums. ATC will not be held liable for these color variations.
Due to this affecting other renters who have also reserved the dress we must charge a late fee. If you return the Products late or not at all, a late fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) per order will be charged to the payment card you used to pay the Total Fee or to any other payment card included in your account information that you have provided to us, or will be invoiced separately and must be paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice, for each day that you are late returning the Products, and you agree to pay such late fees, up to an amount not to exceed 200% of the retail value or market value, as determined in our discretion, plus applicable sales tax, of all Products in the order. If you have not returned a Product within twenty (20) days after the return date for the Product, your order will be considered a non-return and we will charge your payment card the maximum late fee set forth in this Section 2(B), less any late fees that you have already paid, plus any applicable taxes. Payment of 200% Retail Value or Market Value. We will not charge you for more than an amount equal to 200% of the retail value or market value all Products in the order plus the Total Fee, in the aggregate, for any charges arising under this Section 2(B), excluding collection costs. If you pay us an amount equal to 200% of the retail value or market value of all Products in the order under this Section 2(B) and you still possess the Product, then the Product is yours to keep, though on an “AS IS” basis and without warranty of any kind. Late Fees in Addition to Total Fees. Any late fees or other charges payable by you pursuant to this Section 2(B) shall be in addition to the Total Fee and the Total Fee shall not count towards the limitations on late fees described herein.
If your Product does not fit, then you may return the Product within 24 hours (excluding Sundays and holidays) of the date you received the Product by contacting us at annatriant.rentals@gmail.com and returning the Product in conformance with the return procedures above. We will then issue you a credit for the Total Fee, less delivery charges, of the Product for a future rental by you of our Products, so long as the Product, as determined in our sole discretion, has not been worn. If only one item in your order does not fit and you need to send it back separately, you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping on that item since you will need to ship the additional items back with our prepaid return ship label. We do allow you to return one item from the order separately, but in so doing you must ship with UPS and provide us with a picture of the tracking number. If you would like for us to ship out a different size as an exchange immediately we are happy to do so depending on availability, but you (the customer) will be responsible for the cost of shipping.
Upon delivery, we do not bear liability for products left unattended. If an item per tracking shows that it has been delivered by our carrier then the customer is responsible for the package at that time. The customer will be responsible for any lost or stolen packages. In the event that there is a shipping delay by UPS causing your items to arrive one day late but still within the window of your rental period, ATC will not be held liable for this one day delay. Our clients should select an arrival date 2 days prior to their event date as a time buffer in case of carrier shipping delay. This will still allow for their original package to arrive prior to their event. If a client selects an arrival date that is not 2 days prior and the items do not arrive in time for their event/shoot, ATC will not be held responsible for paying to ship replacement items. However, ATC will send replacement items with overnight shipping but at the cost to the client for the expedited shipping since they have not selected the recommended window of time. If there is a UPS delay that will result in a longer shipping delay and it appears that items will not arrive by the end of day 2 of the clients reservation then ATC will send a replacement package at no additional cost to the client in order to get them to the customer in time if physically possible with available shipping resources.